American Idol Worship — The Horoscope

The boys and I watched the two most recent shows of American Idol, when America was winnowing the field from 16 young men to 12, and from 16 young women to 12. Sadly, every single candidate was asked how they related to their astrology symbol. Not one of these fine young people was able to say: "Sorry, I don't believe in that stuff." A couple came close; one actually disagreed that she was anything like her sign, which was refreshing.

What's up with checking horoscopes?!?! How can 1/12th of all of the people in the world experience the same thing on the same day based on their astrological predictions? The inevitable presence of a horoscope in almost every popular magazine and website reveals the human hunger to find identity and meaning. Who am I? What are my gifts? "I'm as strong as a lion, as stubborn as a bull, etc., etc.." But God tells us who we are: our individual soul-prints knitted together, fearfully and wonderfully and uniquely made ... not shared as a blueprint with 1/12th of the population.

Talk to your kids about horoscopes. Read a few with them. Some people are devoted to reading these predictions every day, almost like people of faith would diligently read their morning devotionals. Why? What do these two types of people have in common? How are they different? Go to a Chinese restaurant and open a fortune cookie. Pretend it will come true. How does reading a good fortune make you feel? In contrast, how do we as followers of Jesus feel good about our day, our future, or who we are?

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