Teeth and Tears

I dislocated my jaw three times in the last month — twice while yawning and once while yelling at the boys, to be completely truthful.

The cause? I relieve stress by chewing gum (must give up Bazooka completely now ... sigh), biting my fingernails, and clenching my jaw through the night. Biblically speaking, I gnash my teeth. Oh, and I do a lot more weeping lately, too. The gnashing and weeping increases along with the testosterone level in our home. Adolescence progresses, my control diminishes, my stress soars.

So, does that mean parenting is hell on earth?

No, but it feels like a heavy burden sometimes. That's why we take time to sit by quiet waters, rest in fields of green, feast at the table set by the Beloved. Then, refreshed, we gladly shoulder our part of the load, knowing that a strong, scarred companion walks beside us, bearing most of the weight.

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