Rainy Saturday Screening

One son is under a blanket, remote in hand, flipping channels. The other is at the computer playing a first-person shooter game. (Taking on the identity of either the Queen of England or George Bush, you use a machine gun to take out terrorists who are trying to assassinate you.) Total violence.

What to do? Should I let them play on, watch on, shoot on in freedom? After all, every other morning, activities are enforced on them without choice — namely, school and church.They're not allowed to cyber-play or flip during the week. Are they hoping I've forgotten the old two-hour-at-a-time weekend screen rule? Will the inertia and boredom of hours without human interaction make them actually WANT to relate? Or should the Voice of Mom insist that they unplug and de-screen? Maybe I'll experiment today, since it's raining buckets outside, and see how long it takes them to turn it off themelves without maternal intervention.

Besides, here I am in front of my own screen. Hypocrisy? Does being in the same room in front of three different screens count as "spending time together?"

I'll keep you posted ...

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