The Lure of the Dark Side

I'm a Star Wars junkie. My role model is Mon Mothma. Despite her bit part, she rocks. Regally garbed in maturity and authority, she announces in Episode 4 that many Bothans gave their lives for the Rebel Cause. With appropriate compassion, of course. We middle-aged Moms need a poster of Mon to motivate and inspire.

So did I like the Revenge of the Sith? Yes, yes, yes. This episode provides amazing insight into the most difficult kind of temptation: acting on the heartfelt desire to save the life of your loved one, you're tempted to take the place of God. George Lucas, using the power of story, teaches gazillions of pre-teens, teens, and adults that a good end never justifies the means.

A hard lesson to learn as a parent. If you or I were offered the power from the Dark Side to save our children's lives, which one of us would turn away? Especially if the offer came from a being described in the Bible as the "Shining One," cloaked as an "Angel of Light." When our child goes through some kind of loss or suffering, we're tempted by this power. ("If I focus my gifts, money, intellect, influence, and time, I can rescue my child. A good parent would try anything if she REALLY loved her child.") An ambassador of Jesus Christ, though, resists the lure. She chooses trust, surrender, and prayer over obsession and control. As Anakin Skywalker shows us, a twisted filial or erotic love can lead to our destruction — and the demise of our beloved.

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