Grand Theft Auto: Delayed Outrage?

The big scandal of access to steamy sex scenes via cheat-code have outraged parents throughout the country. But why in the world were these same parents sanctioning a game that encouraged their sons to win points by picking up prostitutes and beating them up? This is a level achieved without cheat codes in GTA. From the Parent's Television Council:
The Gallup Organization's recent online survey of 517 adolescents found that not only have 71% of teenage boys played the ultra violent "Grand Theft Auto" video games, but twice as many boys who've played these games reported being in a physical fight, than boys who had not played (34 percent to 17 percent).
The hue and cry over GTA's secret scenes seems like an overreaction given the rest of the appalling content that's accessible to any boy with the time, inclination, permission, and money.

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