Strengthening the Immune System

After cutting raw chicken, you have to scrub the cutting board and knife thoroughly with soap and hot water. Who wants to get salmonella? Picture me raising my hand. Yes, I'm actually asking my kids to swallow three capsules chock-full of salmonella, and doing the same myself.

There's a method to my madness. We're heading to rural Africa, where typhoid is prevalent, and the primary ingredient in the oral typhoid vaccine is actually salmonella. As soon as the small, contolled dose enters the system, the body goes to work, strengthening itself to battle the intruder. Then, if it's ever exposed to a malevolent version of the disease, it's ready to "fight the good fight."

Does the metaphor work when it comes to ambassador parenting? Should we allow our teens to encounter controlled doses of "edgy" pop culture while they're in the safety of our homes? Is it possible to immunize a child's soul?

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Carol Cool said...

I think controlled doses of pop culture, carefully monitored by a professional (the parent), are the only way our children can survive. My husband and I spent many years in youth work, and kids at both extremes floundered—those whose parents abandoned responsibility and let their kids ingest anything (usually because they wanted their kids to be their friends) and those whose parents "protected" them from all sinful influences (including not letting their kids go to youth retreats if unsaved kids were going). Kids need help in navigating the waters. Keep up the good work of encouraging parents.