Holiday With A Purpose

I looked over to see my shy son surrounded by Maasai kids who were fingering his clothes and touching his skin. Fighting my own claustrophobia, I expected him to elbow his way to me and issue a complaint, or at least seek temporary asylum. Especially because he had come along grudgingly on this three-week church trip to Africa, far from the luxuries and "safety" of American life. But my wonder grew as I watched. His smile didn't waver as he fielded their questions, and eventually he strolled off in the opposite direction, walking hand-in-hand with a boy about his own age.

Highly recommended: a retreat from pop culture to build relationships with the poor in places where shelter, water, food are not guaranteed. When Jesus said, "Give to everyone who asks of you," he was providing an antidote for the giver, not the recipient. And in this culture of acquiring and hoarding, most of us are in extreme danger, including our kids.

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