Religious Television: Another Oxymoron?

In "Faith In A Box," the Parent's Television Council evaluated the portrayal of religion and faith on the seven commercial broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, ITV, UPN, WB) between September 25, 2003 and September 24, 2004. Some findings include:
ITV was the most pro-religion network, with 90.7% of its treatments of religion being positive, 1.9% mixed, and 7.5% neutral. CBS had the second-highest percentage of positive treatments of religious themes and subject matter (38.3%). Negative treatments of religion outweighed positive on NBC, Fox, and WB in every time slot. NBC had a shocking 9.5 negative treatments for every positive treatment. Fox followed with 2.4 negative depictions for every positive. WB and ABC tied with 1.2 negative for each positive, followed by UPN with 1 negative for every 1.1 positive; CBS with one negative for every two positive; and ITV, which did not have a single negative depiction.
Sign up for PTC's excellent updates, although be forewarned that they rate shows only according to the prevalence of sex, violence, and obscenties, but rarely mention issues like materialism/consumerism, racism, or stereotyped gender portrayals. (I know, I know — a single organization can't moderate everything, and I'm thankful for the guidance they provide.)

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