My Baby Has A Blog

A recent article in the Christian Science Monitor discussed the prevalence of weblogs among teenage girls and raised the question of internet safety. Ethical question: Should a parent read her daughter's blog with or without her daughter's permission?


tRu said...


Interesting topic for discussion. I dunno... I have a 9 yo that blogs with our supervision, however it hasn't been for very long and is sporadic at fact, I think she posted twice? :P But it's a start.

I have a lot to say so I find myself yakking it up, but sometimes I don't post it. Just the catharsis of writing it down is enough in those cases. I look forward to what others have to say and will be linking to this question to see if any of my readers (all 3 of them (GRIN) have anything to add. Nice blog, btw.


Grange said...

I would read my kids blogs. They are 7 and 9 and haven't really figured out how to type yet so this is really a theoretical question for me. However, that doesn't stop me.

Blogs by their very nature are public. Anyone with internet access can read them. There's even an decent chance if they are using one of the popular blogging platforms that their blog is being sydicated - increasing the chances that it can be read by others. If a child doesn't want their parents to read their blog then they don't really understand the nature of a blog and its place on the internet. A blog isn't a private journal (although I think most should be). There blog is available to lots of other people they may not want reading it - like their principal or teacher, their grandparents, a kid at school who is mean to them and on and on.

I hope I could help my child understand that I am really the least of his/her privacy worries when it comes to a blog.