Another Parental Ratings System?

A new company called PSV ratings is providing an alternative to the MPAA and ESRB when it comes to choosing movies, video games, and music for our families. The evaluators don't use age when it comes to ratings, believing that every child matures at a different pace and that parents need more information to choose appropriate fare. PSV uses a traffic symbol, and the three lights on the symbol represent Profanity, Sex, and Violence (horizontally or vertically in that order), colored in white, green, yellow or red. Each color represents the amount of Profanity, Sex and Violence in the movie, game, or other entertainment product (white equals none). To check this new system out, visit the Family Media Guide. The cynical side of me wonders why they think that parents worry only about sex, profanity, and violence when it comes to entertainment. What about injustice? Crass consumerism? Ethnic stereotyping? Depressing, nihilistic world views? Oh, well, I should probably chill. After all, a traffic symbol only has three lights on it, and I'm all for giving parents more information than the current abysmal ratings systems provide.

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