Competing With Junk Sex

A Kaiser Family Foundation study found that there's twice as much sex on television today as there was in 1988:
Among the top 20 most watched shows by teens, 70% include sexual content, and nearly half (45%) include sexual behavior.

During prime time hours sex is even more common with nearly 8 in 10 (77%) shows including sexual content, averaging 5.9 sexual scenes per hour.

Two-thirds (68%) of all shows include talk about sex and 35% of all shows include sexual behaviors.

Reality shows are the only genre of programming in which less than two-thirds (28%) of shows include sexual content. The percentage of shows with sexual content by genre includes movies 92%, sitcoms 87%, drama series 87%, and soap operas 85%.
Some pundits think parents should compete with this unhealthy version of sex by constantly describing how great sex is in marriage. But nobody makes commercials to sell delicious, home-cooked meals; it's only junk food that requires a marketing plan. The flavor of marital intimacy is more delectable because it's not flaunted for other people's consumption. The best way to lead our teens to choose a nutritious, healthy lifestyle is to live it ourselves — no secret overdoses of junk food, no bulimia after the binge, no strange diets that obsess us. If we enjoy simple, healthy sex, home-cooked and holy, without saying too much about it, odds are they'll choose the same kind of diet for themselves.

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