Google Tip: Quotes and Site Colon

My son calls from a store to ask if he can buy a certain video game. "Could you look it up?" he asks resignedly, knowing my policy of reading reviews before authorizing purchases of T-rated games. Here's what I do: Go to my own website, Ambassador Families, where I list sites that review games. Back to Google. In the search box, type in "Nightfire" Go to the review. Read it. Nix the game. Tell my disappointed son, give him the reasons, he agrees to wait for the new Bond game that's coming out which doesn't have suggestive themes.

The power of a quick Google, Yahoo!, or MSN search is in the use of quotes around a title, followed by the word "site," a colon, and the name of an excellent website. Take movies, for example. Go to Google. Type in "Serenity" Read review. Make decision. Music lyrics. Type in "Jesus Walks" Note: I usually read the cached version to avoid popup ads and cookies.

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