Christian Wisdom of the Jedi Masters

Are your family devotions getting stagnant? Does your teen need a fresh way to approach God? Why not offer Christian Wisdom of the Jedi Masters by Dick Staub, as a Christmas present this year? Staub, a faith-and-culture master himself, uses the lore and plot of the Star Wars movies to illuminate the path of Christian discipleship — wrapping truth brilliantly in fresh wrapping for a generation more versed in Star Wars than in the Scriptures. From the inside flap:
Star Wars, one of the most enduring pop cultural phenomena of our day, is a spiritual mythology built around a universal energy called "the Force" and a Jedi's ability to use it. The overt spiritual themes in the Star Wars films convey remarkable theological truths to a younger generation that is dissatisfied with religion but hungry for a spiritual quest. They want to be "Jedi Christians" and are looking for Yoda! Christian Wisdom of the Jedi Masters opens the door to a fresh exploration of spiritual truth in Christianity by viewing it through the lens of the Jedi Masters.

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