Manga For Teen and Tween Girls

Savvy diplomats commandeer the artifacts and rituals in a host culture and use them to promote the home culture's priorities. Here's a good example. Serenity is a six-book series of Christian manga for girls created by Buzz Dixon, the founder of RealBuzz Studios. So what is manga? Good question. According to Dixon:
Essentially it means "random pictures" or "whimsical pictures." It's almost closer to the English word "doodles" than to "comics." It originated in Japan but became extremely popular in the United States in the mid- to late '90s. At its core, manga is an artistic style that tends to focus on the emotional content of a scene and often highlights the facial expressions and eyes of the characters over the action.
And what's RealBuzz Studios? Another good question.
RealBuzz studios is an international enterprise creating exciting and entertaining original stories, art, and video content and related products for the family, tween-to-teen, inspirational, and Christian markets. Founded in 2000, the company is at the forefront of the new blend of American and Asian talent into breakout contemporary media.
Stan Lee, the cartoon guru and co-creator of XMen and Spiderman comics, says Serenity is "a clean, inspiring Christian comic done in a hip, contemporary way." Sounds like good diplomacy to me.

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