A Love That's More Important Than Gender

"Love is more important than gender," my son reads from the Boston Globe, quoting a rave review of the Golden Globe Award winning movie, Brokeback Mountain. A hard-to-dispute biblical truth, isn't it? We talk about how this phrase is true only when referring to agape love (love of God for people) — not eros love (romantic, sexual love between people), which is what the critic is talking about.

"Eros love is more important than marriage," this culture also tells my son's generation. "Eros love is more important than raising children." Culture is soaked in the fallacy that eros love should never be thwarted, resulting in a traumatized relational landscape, littered with broken lives and shattered hearts. Eros love was never intended to be the ultimate rule of life. Here's the truth: agape is the ultimate love, more important than both eros and gender. Only the love of God can satisfy our soul hunger, healing, rewarding, and comforting those who deny eros for the sake of agape.

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