"Not To MY Child, You Don't!"

Nothing fires me up more than the suspicion that my child has been treated unfairly by another adult. In USA Today, Tim Wendel editorializes about the role that strict, loving coaches play in building discipline and sportsmanship in a young person's life. Unfortunately, the biggest hindrances to receiving this unique, rich type of mentoring are fired-up parents. Wendel quotes Michael Lewis' bestseller Coach: Lessons on the Game of Life:
An invisible line (runs) from the parents' desire to minimize their children's discomfort to the choices the children make in their lives.
Are we seeking to minimize our teens' discomfort by stepping into the fray on their behalf? Often, our role is to back off and pray, letting them reap what they sow ... on the field or off. And supporting the decisions made by coaches and teachers who care more about their students than their own popularity.

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