Engaging the Soul of Youth Culture

I've just finished reading Walt Mueller's new book from IVP called Engaging the Soul of Youth Culture. Not only is this a must-read for ambassador parents, but it's an excellent resource for any over-forty servant of Jesus. Mr. Mueller, director of the wonderful Center For Parent and Youth Understanding
Why do we fail to hear the cries of the hopeless and hurting outcasts coming from so many corners of today's youth culture? Why have we ignored the cries of an emerging generation that longs for redemption? Are we too busy? Don't we care? Would getting involved require more our ourselves than we're willing to give? Or are we scared that going to them would take us to places we don't want to visit?
The book issues a convincing and inspiring call to become well-versed in pop culture. How well do you know youth culture? To test your savvy, download and take the short pop culture quiz from Voice of Youth Advocates (click on "Teen Pop Culture Quiz Update 17"). Then ask your teens to take the quiz, and compare your results. (True Confessions: I was in the "doomed" range.) Check out the other content on VOYA's site to gain insight into the prevailing secular philosophy of serving teens. The organization's stated goal is "to identify the social myths that keep us from serving young people and replace them with knowledge."


blair said...

I can't find the quiz on the page that you've listed. Any hints?

Mitali Perkins said...

Go to the page and scan down to about halfway, where it says "Check out our Web-only features!" The pop culture quiz update is now at #19. Have fun!