Chat Up Your Teen Son

If your once-talkative son seems to communicate with you mostly via grunt or shrug, join him and his buddy on the sofa while they're gaming. Hand them each a chilled bottle of soda, and toss out one of these questions:
  1. Do you think people should use their savings to buy an XBox360 now instead of waiting till November for a first generation PS3?
  2. Is it easier to watch a feature-length movie on a PSP handheld or an iPod?
  3. When it comes to laptops, would you go for a Dell or an Apple?
  4. Which action-adventure flick is going to make the most money at the box office: XMen3, MI3, or Superman Returns?
  5. Who do you think deserves to earn the most money? MLB, NBA, NFL or NHL players? What about NASCAR drivers or pro golfers?
  6. Cell phone plans: Sprint, Cingular, or Verizon? Why?
  7. Which movie actually might be funny when it comes out: Benchwarmers (Jon Heder, Rob Schneider and David Spade), Nacho Libre (Jack Black) or Talladega Nights (Will Farrell)?
Let your teen and his friend argue over the answers; now it's your turn to grunt ("hmmm...") and shrug, even though you may have no clue what they're talking about. (Note to young women: asking for advice or an opinion is a time-honored get-him-to-talk strategy that can work with taciturn guys of all ages. It's worth a try, anyway.)


Carol Cool said...

Great questions, Mitali. And parents will have the added bonus of their son's friends thinking they are the coolest parents ever, since they "know" about that stuff!

~Mark said...

Lol! Mitali, you are good!

Mitali Perkins said...

That's why I included a buddy ... somehow the presence of a friend makes my boys more open to talking about stuff like this ... also, my own sons currently think I am the essence of dork.