Tyler Perry, Madea, and Jesus

"Mom, that's gotta be a movie about you," my son teased.

The marquee sign read Diary of a Mad Black Woman, a film by Tyler Perry, one of the most outspoken Christians in Hollywood today. I haven't seen that movie yet, nor have I seen Madea's Family Reunion, the sequel that's in theaters now (read Plugged In's review here). But I will, and I plan to take my urban-wannabe teens with me.

Perry was on Leno the other night, and he began articulating his faith in Jesus before his jaded host steered the conversation to "safer" ground. An article in the Los Angeles Times, however, reveals the importance of Perry's faith and church support. Let me know what you think about the movie, and if it's spurred good conversations with your teens.

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~Mark said...

I have several of Tyler Perry's DVD releases, and while some say that he uses stereotypical humor and personality protrayals, which is true to a degree, the message is always strong and centered on God. The best way to experience his plays is in person. They are a hoot!