Blessed Are The Recreational Vehicles

RV may have been the big moneymaker in the country last weekend, but in Cambridge, Massachusetts where we watched it on Saturday night, there were only two other families in the theater. This sparse attendance in our part of America was ironic because the film attempts to bridge the gap between the coasts and the heartland. In the movie, the Gornicke family, a homeschooling, country-music-crooning "uncool" family, serves as the agent of redemption for the suburban, coast-dwelling "cool" Munro family. My takeaway for ambassador parenting? Refer to RV when my kids (or we as a family) balk at the possibility of forging a friendship with someone who doesn't feel like friend material at first. "Maybe we should be open to the possibility. God loves to use unlikely people to do good things in our lives. Like in that movie RV, remember?"

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Vincent said...

RV motorhomes are truly a craze now. A movie with a similar title with a reputed lead actor just goes on show its immense popularity.