Pro-Life Feminism

Just as "evangelical" and "women's rights" sound to some like polar opposites, our culture's created the trap of equating feminism with a pro-choice position. But that's a fallacy, too. Patricia Heaton of Everybody Loves Raymond fame is the honorary chair of a non-sectarian, non-partisan organization called Feminists For Life whose motto is "Women Deserve Better."

While organizations like these are starting to make a difference on college campuses, young women are still being taught that they can't fight abortion and advocate for women at the same time. It's important to help their generation (and ours) separate the two issues emotionally. Consider this BBC article about female foeticide creating such a shortage of women in the Indian state of Haryana that young women are being bought and sold, often against their will. Ask yourself and your daughter: what does it mean to advocate for women's rights when the right to choose an abortion creates an epidemic of female trafficking?

As a postscript, if gender-detection technology had been around in India four decades ago, there probably wouldn't be a Mitali blogging right now. I was a third daughter conceived by parents who desperately wanted to produce a son in a society that devalued girl babies. They adore me now, of course, but back when I was a fetus, it might have been tempting to get rid of me and try again.

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