Video Games: Let The Wild Rumpus Begin!

Is your son an avid gamer? Why not connect with his world by keeping tabs on the E3 Video Game Convention taking place in New York City this week? The New York Times sums up some exciting developments in the gaming world which might lead to more creative, innovative products. Nintendo, especially, seems to be carving out a less violent, more kid-friendly market niche with the release of the console Wii:

Nintendo's apparent lead in development reflects a fundamental difference in how the company is approaching this next generation of systems. While Microsoft and Sony have been pushing to give their systems as much sheer graphics and computing power as possible, Nintendo has focused more on developing innovative games ...

"We think that a lot of people don't necessarily want to play a game that takes 40 hours to finish, or a game where you have to spend an hour reading a manual," said George Harrison, senior vice president for marketing at Nintendo of America. "Maybe they just want to have fun for 20 minutes or a half-hour at a time, and we are trying to broaden the gaming market again by appealing to that person. So instead of focusing on getting the absolute most powerful technology into our products, we want to focus on making that basic game experience as attractive and compelling as possible."

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