Sizzling Summer Movie Nights

Want to make your teens and their buddies feel at home this summer? Darken the room, rent some good movies, and provide comfy couches, chilled soda, and popcorn. The challenge is finding a flick that's fun for teens to watch and life-affirming at the same time. To choose appropriate fare, parents and kids can peruse a few awesome websites together. Not all of these sites come from a Christian perspective, but all offer a "family-friendly" look at movies and media.
  • Plugged In from Focus on the Family, helps you and your children make wise choices not only about movies, but music and TV too.
  • US Conference of Catholic Bishops Movie Reviews features short ad-free takes on thousands of films.
  • Movie Mom gives detailed reviews from a mom who has appeared on numerous radio and TV shows to discuss children and media.
  • Michael Elliot's Christian Critic provides discussion questions about popular movies for you to use during family devotions. Subscription required for more content.
  • The Christian Spotlight on Entertainment takes a wide look at pop culture, discussing everything from computer games to music to movies.
  • Grading the Movies reviews movies, videos, games, and music for parents.
  • Screenit! Family Movie Reviews lists specific details about violence, sex, profanity, and other objectionable material. Membership required for some content.
The reviewers sometimes disagree, so we usually read at least two takes to get a fuller picture. But even a quick look on one site provides insight on how a movie deals with truth, love, justice, and character ... as well as whether it offers great storytelling and a dose of just plain fun.

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