Why Your Teen Needs A Big Glomp

I was hypertasking when my main squeezie came over to glomp me. I said, "That was the awesome," and gave him a shaka ...
No, this isn't a scene from a steamy romance novel in progress -- it's me showing off some newly-acquired urban vocabulary. (Translation: While I was talking on the phone and writing my blog entry at the same time, my husband came over to give me a much appreciated hug.) Don't worry, I'm not midlifing. (Definition: an older person using urban slang in everyday conversation -- not yet in the urban dictionary; see midlife crisis.) I'm trying to get a glimpse of the challenges faced by the two diplomats we're sending out there, hoping they'll represent the King well in their generation.

Browsing the urban dictionary can be an enlightening -- and shocking -- way to gain insight into the world view of youth culture's natives. Skim through the definitions for "Jesus" (if you can stomach the mocking), for example; these are the kinds of responses young adults face when they tell people they follow Him. You'll also find some creative attempts to wield this new language and communicate age-old truths of the Bible. (It also comes in handy when you're trying to understand the lyrics to hit songs; that's how I discovered last year that a grill isn't a pseudonym for a body part.)

So if you're trying learn more about the place of their posting, why not sign up to get the dictionary's word of the day in your mailbox? WARNING: the content is sure to be edgy and even outrightly rank at times, but understanding the language of the stranger or alien for Love's sake is always all grapes, right?

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