"American Born Chinese" by Gene Yang

If your son or daughter is a fan of comic books, pick up Gene Yang's graphic novel from First Second Books, American Born Chinese, which was just nominated for the National Book Award in the children's literature category. On Yang's blog, in response to criticism that he had "Christianized" a Buddhist tale in his book, he writes:
Christianity, you see, lies at the very center of my identity as an Asian-American. I would even go so far as to say that Christianity is a vital part of "The" Asian-American experience. For proof, simply visit a Christian student group on any university campus. More likely than not, you’ll find a sea of Asian faces. By adopting this ancient Western religion that is both a part of and at odds with contemporary Western culture, we attempt to make sense of ourselves.
You go, brother Gene. Here are some more resources to help parents find treasures in the world of fiction for kids.

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