Five GREAT Websites For Parents of Teens

As my Christmas present to you, I give you five websites that every parent of teenagers or tweens should bookmark (listed in no particular order):
  1. Pluggedinonline: The informative reviews of movies, games, and music on this Focus on the Family site are timely and empowering. (Tip: Order the print magazine for you and your older teens and and talk about whether or not you agree with the reviews.)
  2. Center for Parent and Youth Understanding: Founder Walt Mueller's compassionate heart for young people is evident in all the resources and reflections provided on this site. (Tip: Subscribe to Engage, The Journal of Youth Culture and order all of Walt's books, including his newest release, I Want To Talk With My Teen About Music, Movies, and More.)
  3. Youth Specialties: Established by the late Mike Yaconelli for youth workers, the site has wonderful articles about the spiritual formation of teens. (Tip: Sign up for their free YS e-updates and read Messy Spirituality by Mike Yaconelli)
  4. Understanding Your Teenager: Turn to Wayne Rice's excellent advice when you're stuck in a parental rut.
  5. Ypulse: I know it's primarily for secular marketing types, but Anastasia Goodstein's daily take on youth culture is a rich source of information for savvy parents, as is her partner site about teens online written especially for parents, Totally Wired.

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