Why Tweens Need High School Musical 2

As Zac Efron danced around the New Mexico rocks and sang his revelation that relationships and integrity are more important than racing hard after future success, I caught myself cheering wildly. Not out loud, mind you; parental silence is golden when a cultural icon is teaching a life lesson so nicely.

In Disney's made-for-television smash movie success, High School Musical 2, the main character's remorse over his bad choices is downright prophetic these days. Thanks to us, some of our kids and their classmates are so obsessed with the future that they forfeit the particular joy, health, fun, rest, and friendships that only come with being young and not in want. No wonder American tweens and teens responded to the story penned by Peter Barsocchini (who used to produce the Merv Griffin show and is writing High School Musical 3, scheduled for release as a full-length feature film.) You go, Disney and Mr. Barsocchini, and thank you; I'll stop griping about the High School Musical franchise now.

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